WATCH: The 5 Best Viral Videos of August

Beat-boxing beauty queens, Jersey Shore political debates, and invisible horse-riding are what you’ll find in the month's best viral videos

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Nothing passes the dog days of summer like an endless click-fest through the latest YouTube videos. Here at NewsFeed headquarters, this is our daily duty. Don’t be too jealous — not every video we pore through day after day has the same level of quality. Which is why we present to you now our five favorite viral videos of August.

This month brought us unexpected musicality from all genres of singers from across the world. Starting in South Korea, rapper and television personality Psy won us over with his viral hit “Gangnam Style,” in which the lyrics are nonsensical to non-Korean speakers — and the video is nonsensical to everyone. Just try to watch it without attempting the “invisible horse riding dance;” we guarantee you will be trotting around whatever space you happen to be occupying.

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From Gangnam, essentially the Beverly Hills of South Korea, we transport you south to the Philippines, where even Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality, who played the musical glasses in a beauty pageant, would be impressed by this Miss World contestant. We knew Queenierich Rehman’s talent would be shocking when the announcer explained, “She asked me to say nothing, to let them see for themselves.” Miss Philippines startes off conventionally, with a melodic tune, and then she presses play on the human beatbox. And she’s got some definite talent, but it just doesn’t quite fit with the ballgown atmosphere.

In August we also watched NASA engineers spoofing LMFAO’s anthem “Sexy and I Know It” to celebrate their successful Mars landing, the Jersey Shore cast dropping some serious knowledge, and Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, well, not displaying knowledge. A mash-up video proves Lochte can hardly string a sentence together. But then again, Ryan Lochte has five gold medals, and we have is this blank white space, and the company of funny YouTube clips.