Reading While Eating for September 5: DNC Edition

Today's links feature news about blue states and a mashup that will pick you up if you are feeling blue.

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Brendan Hoffman / Prime for TIME

Delegates hold signs for First Lady Michelle Obama as she speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 4, 2012 in Charlotte, NC.

Cheat Sheet: In case you couldn’t tune in to day one of the Democratic National Convention, TIME Politics has summed it up for you here. (

Book of Mormon: You know, there are Mormons in the Democratic party too, and they’re at the convention. (BuzzFeed)

Saving the Economy: Maybe the Democrats can take a page out of superheroes’ books because this vintage ad argues that they can cure the recession. (The Daily What)

Quiz Time: Liberals can see how well they know Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan with this “Who Said It: Paul Ryan or Alex P. Keaton?” quiz. (mental_floss)

Web Art: Learn about the hottest new artists on the Internet. One creates art by censoring text to raise awareness about the implications of “net censorship and commerce,” an Election 2012 issue. (Flavorwire)

The One Percent: Based on the Occupy talk about “the one percent” vs. “the 99 percent” and how that will affect Election 2012, here’s a mashup of the Mad Men cast (clearly “the one percent”) dancing to “Never Gonna Give You Up.” (Uproxx)