WATCH: Ducklings Scramble to Cross Treacherous Busy Highway

This video lends new credence to the phrase “lucky duck”

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This might be the most stress-inducing video you’ll see all day. And while researchers say we’re possibly addicted to stress, we guarantee you won’t be clamoring to repeat this video after you watch. You might even need a paper bag to breathe into, or a splash of water across your face. Because the fate of a family of ducks is hanging in the balance, and it’s all caught in a harrowing video.

The video, captured by a Toronto news helicopter flying just overhead, shows a mother and her eight little ducklings scurrying across a five-lane highway. It was a well-planned endeavor, with the mother duck confidently leading the little ones through a break in a concrete divider flanking the road. But once they reached the roadway – more like a speedway, in reality – it very nearly turns into a horror movie as they realize this is no ordinary stretch of pavement.

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The video was filmed in May as the chopper hovered over Highway 407 in Canada. Lane by lane, the ducks dodge speeding trucks and cars – with the sheer force of the vehicles scattering the little ones as they waddle across. But lane-by-lane, they regroup and bravely scurry across the next.

We probably don’t have to tell you how it ends, but in any case, you should probably find out for yourself. Boy, we’re just glad we are done with this post and don’t have to watch it again. Now where’d we leave that defibrillator?

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