WATCH: Kittens. Dancing. Because You Deserve This

Note: for the full effect, tune in to the accompanying Russian muzak. If this doesn't make you smile, you should probably just give up.

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It’s Monday. You’ve likely got a busy week ahead of you, and getting back into the working spirit isn’t helped by the grogginess you just can’t seem to shake. So, we present to you, a distraction involving the timeless combination of cats and YouTube.

Plus, viewing this epic display of feline choreography won’t just make you cultured, it will make you super worldly, as it comes to your screen all the way from Russia. How many totally valid reasons are there to watch this? We’ve already lost count.

But seriously — all jokes aside, this is impressive. The quintet of ridiculously adorable kittens dance in near-unison for almost two and a half minutes. That means both their collaboration skills and attention spans are on par with — or even superior to — those of some adults NewsFeed knows. It’s presumed that the cats are dancing along to a laser pointer or following the lead of some sort of toy. We’ll gladly bring you breaking developments as word comes in to the NewsFeed headquarters.

For more videos of these furry balls of joy (and, as the name implies, perhaps some footage of “nice fish”), go to Funnycatsandnicefish on YouTube.

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