Reading While Eating for September 12: An Apple a Day…

Sorry about the lame pun. We're just giddy about Apple unveiling the iPhone 5 today.

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Guillermo Granja / Reuters

Candied apples are pictured ready to be sold during the La Octava de Montalvo parade at Juan Montalvo village in San Pedro, Cayambe, some 46 km (28.6 miles) north of Quito, August 11, 2012. Hundreds of indigenous people gathered along the main street to participate in a celebration to give thanks for a good harvest. The celebration, which ends this weekend, occurred every weekend over a period of eight weeks.

Firewall Chats? Steve Jobs impersonates FDR in this spoof of 1984, shown at a company meeting in Hawaii. (Network World)

Psych Out: The employee handbook for Apple’s Genius Bars has been leaked, and it’s chock full of human psychology references. (Forbes)

Trading Digits: Techland’s advice on how to sell your old iPhone. (

iMovie: This story has nothing to do with Apple computers, but it does honor one important computer function: typeface. Check out the difference it makes in various feature films. (Flavorwire)

Argot of the Day: Peter Pan is just one of the kooky code names for Apple products. (mental_floss)

Painful Parody: Apple spoofs IBM in a Ghostbusters-themed video. (The Daily What)

No Viruses! All the s*** Apple fans say in one video. (BuzzFeed)