Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly to Rumble for Charity in the Debate We’ve Been Waiting For

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly and "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart will face off in a 90-minute debate dubbed “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” at George Washington University on Oct. 6.

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Jon Stewart

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly and Daily Show host Jon Stewart will face off once again, in a 90-min. debate dubbed “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” at George Washington University on Oct. 6.

No strangers to mudslinging grudge fests,  O’Reilly and Stewart have gone head to head before.  The two have appeared on each other’s shows regularly since 2001.

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“They often throw barbs at each other when on their own shows,” Josh Sanburn wrote for TIME in 2010. “But surprisingly, when face to face, they jab and spar rather playfully and demonstrate little true dislike for one another.”

This time, however, the two TV hosts will be standing behind podiums and duking it out, rhetorically, for charity. Half of the $4.95 price for the live stream will go to “very worthy charities,” according to O’Reilly, who announced the event last night on his show. Additionally, anyone who purchases a ticket before Oct. 1 will have the opportunity to submit a question to the politically mismatched pair.

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The format, O’Reilly said, will be exactly like a presidential debate but “without all the phoniness or pomposity” and will offer a “no-spin analysis” on the “intense issues of the day.” Former Fox News Live host and CNN contributor E.D. Hill will moderate.

O’Reilly said last night that he and Stewart would debate “man to man, eye to eye” and that EMTs would be standing by.

“I’m excited to debate Mr. O’Reilly,” Stewart said. “I believe this will be a very enjoyable night for fans of our programs, political junkies, partisans and people who just enjoy yelling.”

The Facebook page for Rumble 2012 suggests that ticket sales for the Rumble will outpace preorders for the iPhone 5, based on “data that hasn’t been accumulated or verified.”

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Hermann Springmam
Hermann Springmam

If this is a serious debate Mr. Stewart will wipe the floor will BillO. Mr. Stewart is a very intelligent person and has been a keen observer and BillO has been in the wasteland of Fox and is not on speaking terms with facts.


O'Reilly never uses anything but facts, logic, and deductive reasoning.

When, and about what, did O'Reilly lie?  Be specific.

Stewart is a silver tongue devil and when it comes to FACTS...he's a comedian.  Enough said.


Jon Stewart, you are demeaning yourself  debating O'Reilly. Really! Just give some money to your charity choice.


Why is that?  I've never known O'Reilly to be dishonest and has so far been critical of both sides.  Could you explain your reasoning?


 I would warn anyone against dismissing either Jon Stewart or Bill O'Reilly as unimportant.

 If they were that unimportant, why the hell everyone is talking about them?

 So, while I will probably watch the whole thing and cheer for my guy (a normal modus operandi during any sports event), it is important to remember that this is a very real, and quite a big, deal.


" Half of the ticket price for the $4.95 live stream will go to “very worthy charities..."

Where does the other half go?  O'Reilly's sexual harrasment defense fund?