WATCH: Reporter Makes Kid Cry on Live Television

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You’ve heard it said a million times: it’s live TV, so anything can happen. But you can probably assume what will happen if you provoke a small child.

Dan Daru, a reporter with Denver-based Fox affiliate KDVR, was reporting early morning from the Miller Farms Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colo. when he found his ideal subject: Drew, a young blond-haired boy in a stroller.

Dubbing him “Drew the Farm Kid,” Daru stooped down and stuck his microphone in the young boy’s face. But the skeptical expression Drew was sporting should have told Daru all he needed to know – this wouldn’t be an easy chat.

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It was about to get a lot harder. As soon as Daru launched into his patter (which, inexplicably, involved making fun of Drew’s hair), the boy’s look of anger washed away in a torrent of tears. As Drew’s father swept in to try to remedy the situation, Daru tried dancing a jig to cheer the kid up (singing, appropriately, the Wizard of Oz song ‘If I Only Had a Brain’). The camera cut back to the studio where one anchor told him, “Way to go, Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television.”

Daru later told Yahoo News that the toddler was a willing subject until the cameras turned on; when they went live, he noted, “He didn’t like anything I had to say.”

To KDVR’s credit, the clip wasn’t a YouTube blooper that the station attempted to sweep under the rug. Instead, it posted the segment on its website soon after it aired — including the tagline, “See Dan’s political career go up in flames.”

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