McDonald’s McRib: Why Are They Making Us Wait?

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Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

The McRib’s got a way about it. We don’t know what it is (we suspect it’s elusiveness), but we know that people can’t live without it.

How do we know? It has a Facebook page, a locator website, a Twitter account, and word-of-mouth you can’t buy whenever it’s re-re-re (and so on) released.

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But according to a leaked memo, devotees now have extra time to drum up more anticipation for the white whale of novelty fast food sandwiches. Ad Age acquired a memorandum from McDonald’s Operators National Advertising Fund which stated that the barbecue pork-flavored sandwich will now be available in late December instead of its original Oct. 22 through Nov. 11 limited-time release.

According to the Ad Age report, the McRib launch had been moved back to help give end-of-year sales a boost — but perhaps the cruel delay will anger McRibbians into boycotting it. Who are we kidding, they’ll probably stockpile them, just in case.

Instead, McDonald’s diners will be able to chow down on a seasonal consolation prize, including the Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus burger and a similar chicken sandwich. And come February, they can also sink their McRib-conditioned incisors into Fish McBites.

So all is well in McRibVille! Maybe McDonald’s will even find a way to get rid of that pesky little gym mat plastic problem by December, too.

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McRib sandwich - that's so last 2 decades ago. They need to retire that dollar menu. Backyard burgers or 5 guys


Can't wait for the Mcrib sandwich to get here although they are making me wait this year till mid December... Ready to eat one yumilicious!!! :-)


Fish McBites?  Gross.  CBO?  Waste of money.One reason people crave the McRib is that it reminds them of something.  For me, it reminds me of the first year I moved to California as a teen.  They were running a promotion for the Flintstones movie.  It's actually how I feel about most of their menu items, and I tend to get upset when they feel like they have to do something *new* to attract customers.  I was happy when they finally put the two cheeseburger meal back up, though I'm sad that they still lack the All American Meal (essentially a Happy Meal without a toy).In-N-Out Burger has it dialed in.  They crank out the same quality three meals, and the same half dozen menu items everyday.  Why does fast food keep reinventing the wheel?