WATCH: Bulldog Jumps for Joy on a Trampoline

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If you’ve seen anyone as joyful as this English bulldog, please let us know. His name is Mudd, and he’s clearly no newbie at the trampoline.

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While bulldogs, with their stout, dense bodies,  short legs and oversized heads may not be known for their agility this guy could be a contender for the canine Olympics. It’s just too bad that he’s too old to be a contender in this year’s Puppy Bowl.

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Sachi Mohanty
Sachi Mohanty


Not as fun as I thought it would be. The dog doesn't quite 'bounce' as much as a human would, does he?

I guess that makes sense as it is designed for humans.

What we need is a trampoline designed specifically for dogs.

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Oh, to be a bulldog on a trampoline! Isn't this just the epitome of joy?!