WATCH: Squirrel Makes a Dramatic Escape

It seems like this squirrel has been watching a lot of "Mission: Impossible" movies.

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Do squirrels in Germany spend a lot of time watching action films?  This one seems to have learned some moves from Charles Bronson or Jet Li.

After dashing frantically around a high-floor apartment (to the amusement of the human filming this video), it doesn’t hesitate before taking a flying leap out an open kitchen window. While watching the video, nota bene that the squirrel featured is not a flying squirrel, but just an average squirrel who is able to leap out of tall buildings in a single bound and run off seemingly unscathed.

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A German speaker translated the video’s commentary for us as: “Dang, he’s speedy… whoa…dude… man, he just took a huge leap and totally dove out of the window.”

“And now?” Asks another voice off camera.

“He’s on the ground. He keeps running. Nothing happened. Wow.”

Wow is an understatement. There are death-proof ninja squirrel action heroes living among us.

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