Reading While Eating for Oct. 3: Debate Night

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Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Presidential candidate stand-ins Zach Gonzales (left) and Dia Mohamed rehearse on stage for the first of the 2012 presidential debates, held at the University of Denver.

Get Ready to Rumble! Tonight is the long-awaited showdown between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Here’s where to watch it, what to look for and what drinking game to play while doing so. (

…That Is, If You Really Want to Rumble. Google stats show that voters this year are less enthusiastic than ever. Yay. (BuzzFeed)

Tale of the Tape: Conservative pundits are talking up a “new” video of a 2007 Obama speech. But some worry it’ll backfire. (BuzzFeed)

Sit on This: 10 contemporary artists who use furniture as their medium. (Flavorwire)

Hi Ho Silver, Away! Check out the first trailer for the new Lone Ranger movie, starring Johnny Depp. (Apple iTunes)

Looks Good on You, Though: 11 Bizarre contraptions that were supposed to improve our looks. Charlatans! (Mental Floss)

Fashion Crimes of the Year: From ‘Big Bird’ shoes to quasi-racist earrings, the 15 most ridiculous couture trends to come out of Fashion Month. Yes, September was Fashion Month. What? (

Art Crime of the Century: This Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, designed for his son, faces the wrecking ball if nobody buys it soon. (New York Times)

Cool Ranch on Everything! This will change the world of condiments as we know it. (The Daily

This Probably Could Have Gone Better: Law & Order star Richard Belzer went on Fox, told a rape joke and gave a Nazi salute. (New York Magazine)

Welcome to the Hotel of Doom: North Korea’s mammoth Ryugyong hotel is now open. We pity the poor fools who actually have to stay there. (Daily Mail)

At Last: In case you just can’t wait for the Vice Presidential debate, here’s the long-awaited Paul Ryan ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video. (