Obama and Romney Debate: The 9 Best Tweets from Last Night

Congratulations, People of Twitter: you collectively sent a stunning 10.3 million tweets last night during the 90-minute debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Here's 9 of the best.

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I wrote more than half a dozen comments already. I am running out of words, hence, most reluctantly, I submit one published comment on The Los Angeles Times series of articles:

 Sid Harth2:35 PMEditConservatives

were out there before new and refurbished, Oops, rubbished Mitt Romney

was presented. They made it sure to publicize the US media bias in

reporting everything that gets printed and/or published about Mitt

Romney. Furthermore, they could not see the writing on the proverbial

wall as far as polls. Once again, it was their media bitching about

Liberal bias. Reducing expectation in the first debate, a non issue, as

far as I am concerned, was pushed to limit. Tailgate parties or their

equivalent in which Democratic party planned events outnumbered those of

the Republicans.

This amounts to disregard to the value of the

debates over already secured voting blocks. The myth about a separate

section of voters, the so called independents and mythical undecided

determining the outcome has been exposed by experts many a times.


democracy, such as it is in America, both major parties have devious

methods to amass donations linked directly to the partisan groups of

individuals, industries and businesses. $2 billions is a large sum to

throw away on, basically, negative ads on TV like medium. Add to that a

carefully choreographed mass hysteria using the newest medium, the so

called, "Social Media," like facebook and twitter, among others.

Considering the overall effect of such maniac behavior, I consider winning the election is an exercise in futility.

To be fair to both candidates, I should say that they provide voters clarity more than catechism, politically speaking.

May the best candidate win the election, 2012 and lose in keeping the American Empire in following four or more years.

...and I am Sid Harth@mysistereileen.com