WATCH: QVC Host Faints on Air, Co-Host Keeps on Selling

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On QVC, the show — and the sale — must go on.

When a QVC guest host collapsed on live television, her co-host continued to hawk their product while propping up his associate’s unconscious body. During Sunday night’s sales, QVC host Dan Hughes was joined by QVC guest host Cassie Slane. The duo was trying to sell a kid-friendly Android tablet, but midway through the live broadcast, Slane clutched her chest and fainted. Without skipping a beat, the QVC camera cut to a a shot of the product. Meanwhile, Hughes, the professional pitchman, asked if Slane was okay, and then continued to tout the FunTab Pro tablet’s merits. QVC’s Carolyn Gracie replaced Slane and finished the segment with Hughes.

It is unclear what exactly happened to Slane, but a QVC spokesman said she suffered a “brief fainting spell” and has recovered, according to the New York Daily News. Slane, a mother of three, addressed the fainting episode on her Facebook page, “Thanks to everyone for your kind words,” she wrote. “I am feeling alot [sic] better today!”

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“I am feeling alot [sic] better today!”

So we still can't use "alot" like everyone says "alot"?  We still have to pretend that people say "I like you A space LOT" ?

Isn't criticizing her grammar usage just as sad as continuing to hawk products while your co-host might be having a seizure?

Tim Morrison
Tim Morrison

We added the [sic] so as to avoid giving the impression that we'd introduced a typo into Slane's post; yes, it looks a bit pedantic but we do try to quote people accurately. As for whether this equates to continuing a sales pitch while your cohost passes out... really? (Not a patch on Dan Hughes, BTW. The man is a pro.)