Reading While Eating for Oct. 12: Malarkey!

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Jeff Haynes/Reuters

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) makes a point in front of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and moderator Martha Raddatz (C) during the vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky, October 11, 2012.

The Vice Presidential Debate: It’s not whether you won or lost, it’s how many times you sneered, smiled, drank water, lied, interrupted and, of course, tweeted. (If you want to see politicians almost actually come to blows, you should’ve been watching this debate.) To see what you missed, check out Michael Scherer’s recap of the Biden-Ryan debate. (

Good News About Antarctic Sea Ice? While the Arctic ice cap is shrinking rapidly, the Antarctic one is actually growing. Which means the whole planet will eventually just flip upside down, right? (The Atlantic)

Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Is Running for President of the Internet? This guy. (BuzzFeed)

Creativity Tip #36: Go ahead and sleep on it. It can really help. (Mental Floss)

Please, Santa, Make It Stop: It’s October 12, which means the Christmas advertisements have already begun. (The Daily

Ron Swanson Says, Relax:¬†Parks & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman has an important message about bacon. (Flavorwire)

Arrests Made in Shooting of 14-Year-Old: Police have detained several suspects in the shooting of a teenage women’s rights activist by the Taliban (Divanee)

Wearing It Well:¬†Nashville¬†is the season’s hottest new show. But what about the clothes? (GoFugYourself)

Lindsay Lohan Is Voting for Mitt Romney: File under ‘least-sought Hollywood endorsements.’ (Salon)

The iPad Mini Is Coming! We think. Here’s what it means for you. (Bloomberg)

The 10 Best Essays of the past 62 Years. There’s your weekend reading sorted. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Rick Springfield Is Playing in Subways Now. It’s not quite what you think. (CBS News)