Reading While Eating for Oct. 16: Debate Night

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Everything you should know about the things everybody wants you to know about tonight's presidential debate.

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Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Pedestrians walk past a large debate sign hanging from a building during preparations for Tuesday's U.S. presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2012.

Two Men Enter: Obama and Romney square off at a town hall-style debate tonight at New York’s Hofstra University. The big questions: Will Obama pull out of his death spiral? Will somebody try to win free pizza for life? Will moderator Candy Crowley go rogue? Will there be some kind of drinking game involved? Tune in at 9pm Eastern to find out. (

Get Off the Fence Already: Six brutal takedowns of the mysterious “undecided voter.” (The Week)

The Presidents of the United States and their Jackie Chan Movie Equivalents: George W. Bush is The Tuxedo. Moving on. (Thought Catalog)

Hillary in 2012! Meet the diehard dead-enders who still think Secretary of State Clinton was robbed in the 2008 elections. (BuzzFeed)

The World’s Most Amazing Refrigerator: It makes espresso, it costs $41,500 and it’s the size of a car. (The Daily

The Best Corporate Web Video Ever?¬†Bodyform Maxi Pads responds to some guy’s Facebook rant about their company with this excellent video. (Mashable)

Flight Attendants Gone Wild: More merry tales of high-altitude hijinks! (Mental Floss)

Foldable, Functional, Furniture Origami: Fabulous! (Flavorwire)

Where Is Everybody? Extraordinary time-lapse video of San Francisco without people. Bonus: There’s a making of video as well. (The Daily