Reading while Eating for Oct. 17: The Bindering

Must-read links for your lunch break: What people are talking about from the presidential debate, besides the binders.

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Lucas Jackson/Reuters

BinderGate! The second presidential debate of 2012 is in the books, and all anyone is talking about is Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women. But after the debating comes the explaining; here’s some of the best reads, in a hail of bullets:

Feel Like You Missed Out? Check out what happened while you were watching the Yankees-Tigers game, thanks to TIME’s Adam Sorensen and Michael Scherer. (

Oh, and Here’s What Happened at the Yankees-Tigers Game. The Tigers won, and A-Rod tried not to let his lousy play in this series hurt his game with the ladies.

You Think You’re Tired of Politics? Romney campaign pool reporter Jason Horowitz’s joyfully inane posts are the delight of his fellow scribes. (BuzzFeed)

Good News, Ohio: The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Ohio’s secretary of state that could have effectively canceled early voting in that state, widely seen as a victory for opponents of voter suppression. (The Nation)

Bad News, Las Vegas: Wondering who’s bearing the brunt of this season’s onslaught of political ads? Peep this handy graphic. (Sunlight Foundation)

Beautiful Beasts: A collection of some of the most amazing panoramic photography we’ve ever seen. (Flavorwire)

Wolverine Meets PSY: Yes, this happened. (The Daily

A Brief History of the Social Security Number: Part III: The most stolen identity in history (Mental Floss)

George Zimmerman Is Going on Trial: Court date is set for June. (NPR)

Happy 50th Birthday, Cuban Missile Crisis! TIME’s Tim Padgett on why Cuba-U.S. relations are still stuck in 1962. (

The Truth Revealed: We discussed Bodyform feminine hygiene products and their amazing response to an angry male ranter on Facebook yesterday. But you should really watch the video. (YouTube)