Queen of England Seeks Maid

Britain's royal household is advertising for a housekeeping assistant. Could it be you?

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Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Guardsmen parade outside Buckingham Palace after the service of thanksgiving at St.Paul’s Cathedral on June 5, 2012 in London.

The Queen of England has placed a help-wanted ad for a housekeeping assistant. The ideal candidate will be good at cleaning antiques, running baths for the Royals and must be okay with living in Scotland for three months out of the year.

The job is listed on the Royal website as paying £14,200 (about $22,600) a year and includes room and board (with a salary adjustment). The position is based mostly at Buckingham Palace and lists pretty typical maid duties. It also requires someone who is meticulous, committed and an has “approachable disposition with the ability to maintain confidentiality.”

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The housekeeping assistant will also be responsible for “high-quality cleaning, presentation and guest care in the post-holder’s designated area, consisting of the personal rooms of the Royal family, their guests’ suites, State apartments, cloakrooms, staff and office accommodation, staircases and corridors.”

While the news of the opening has circulated through various British media outlets, other sites such as Jezebel have taken the opportunity to draw a fantastical depiction of a Harry Potter meets Mary Poppins character to clean antiques and draw baths for Queen Elizabeth.

If you’re interested, though, you should act fast: applications close October 26.

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