Reading While Eating for Oct. 24: An Apple A Day

Everything you need to know about the iPad Mini — and apples in general.

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REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller introduces the new iPad mini during the Apple event in San Jose, California on October 23.

The iPad Mini Has Finally Arrived. Apple dropped a slew of products yesterday, including the long-rumored iPad Mini. CEO Tim Cook and marketing vice president Phil Schiller also announced updates to the iMac, Mac Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro and most unexpectedly, the iPad with retina display. (

Generational Backlash. Countless consumers hopped on Twitter to express their displeasure with the update to the iPad with retina display—not because the new model is underwhelming, but because the third generation iPad was released just six months ago. Hope everyone kept their receipts. (BuzzFeed)

There’s a GIF For That. Community’s Troy Barnes succinctly summarizes the feelings of everyone who’s purchased an iPad since March. (UPROXX via Cheezburger)

Beefing Up By Trimming Down. In spite of the backlash, most considered Apple’s event to be a resounding success—in part due to the dramatic improvements made to products like the iMac and Mac Mini that haven’t been updated in what’s seemed like practically forever. The brand new iMac (available in 21.5-inch and 27-inch models) has a razor-thin display (5 mm.) and is expected to revive the company’s struggling desktop division. (CNET)

A Smaller Pro for Those on the Go. Apple also unveiled a slimmed down version of its 13-inch MacBook Pro, now with retina display as well. The new model weighs in at just a shade over 3.5 lbs., has a better resolution than an HDTV and starts at $1,699. (Techland)

The Apple of my i. Owning Apple products not enough for you? Well now you can own Apple knowledge. (Mental Floss)

Theme Costumes. Love Apple, hats, art, the Pierce Brosnan version of The Thomas Crown Affair, and don’t have a Halloween costume picked out yet? Boy, are you in luck. (Flavorwire)

Which one is right for you? Trying to figure out which Apple product best suits your needs is tricky, but even more difficult is figuring out which apple fruit is the one you really want. This guide can help. (Buzzle)

10 Things You Should Know About the iPad Mini. Other than that you really want it. (