Reading While Eating for Oct. 29: The Frankenstorm Cometh

Everything the Web thinks you need to know about Hurricane Sandy. If you still have power

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Lucas Jackson/Reuters

A man stands on the beach to watch the storm surf, kicked up ahead of Hurricane Sandy, in Southampton, New York October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy, the monster storm bearing down on the East Coast, strengthened on Monday after hundreds of thousands moved to higher ground, public transport shut down and the stock market suffered its first weather-related closure in 27 years.

Stay Dry, Stay Updated: Get all your important Hurricane Sandy-related news right here. If you still have an Internet connection. (

Storm Tracker GIF: It’s oddly mesmerizing. (The Daily What)

A Very Important Discussion About Frankenstorm. The mysterious Danger Guerrero explains what what the hurricane means for you. (UPROXX)

The 1938 Nor’Easter. This video is essentially a trailer for the real-life storm that’s about to make landfall. (Mental Floss)

Webcamming the Storm. Staying underground and/or not living on the East Coast, but still want to experience the majesty of Hurricane Sandy in real-time? You’re welcome. (Gizmodo)

But What If…┬áLet’s be honest, this hurricane has all the crucial components of a major news phenomenon: drama, urgency, even some danger. But you know what it was missing? Conspiracy theories. Thankfully, not anymore. (BuzzFeed)

Reading While Drowning. An essential book list for surviving Sandy and the blackouts that may accompany her. Hope you already got have these books or are taking shelter in a library, because you probably can’t leave your home. (Flavor Wire)

Don’t Lose Your Head. Of course, the storm to end all storms won’t directly affect most of the country, let alone the world. So, what else is going on away from the East Coast? Oh, just a guy literally sneezing his head off. (YouTube via The Daily What)