Reading While Eating for Oct. 30: Storm, What Storm?

In today’s must-read links for your lunch break: Everything except Hurricane Sandy.

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REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

A general view from Exchange Place shows the skyline of lower Manhattan in darkness after a preventive power outage caused by giant storm Sandy in New York on October 30. Millions of people in the eastern United States awoke on Tuesday to flooded homes, fallen trees and widespread power outages caused by Sandy, which swamped New York City's subway system and submerged streets in Manhattan's financial district. More than two-thirds of the U.S. East Coast's refining capacity was shut down and fuel pipelines idled due to Hurricane Sandy. Early assessments show the region's biggest plants may have escaped without major damage.

Sandy: The Aftermath: As the East Coast assesses the damage from one of the biggest storms in its history, TIME continues to cover the regions affected by Superstorm Sandy. Click here to see some of our photographers’ best photos from Instagram and see all the latest news here. (

The Best Times to Buy Clothing. Residents of the East Coast may want to purchase additional swimwear this week. (

“Let’s Go Exploring!” The Best Calvin and Hobbes murals you’ll see all day. (The Daily What)

Seven More Days. The election is just a week away. Apparently Ohio could be an important state. (Swampland)

Mrs. Coach Is Not Happy. Connie Britton—AKA Tami Taylor from NBC’s Friday Night Lightsis also displeased that Mitt Romney is using a popular catchphrase from the show as his campaign slogan. (Flavorwire)

Five Books Dictated From Beyond The Grave. Spoiler alert: Mark Twain rather enjoyed this practice. (Mental Floss)

Who’s The Boss? Looks like President Obama and NBA Commissioner David Stern might have some beef. (YouTube via Buzzfeed)