Some Last Minute Endorsements: Chris Rock, Will Ferrell and Mr. Burns

A few last laughs (and pitches for your vote) before the polls close.

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In case there weren’t enough celebrities already asking you to vote, a couple of Hollywood’s biggest stars (and one wealthy nuclear power mogul) are making last-minute pitches. On Friday comedian Chris Rock released his endorsement for Barack Obama in a video — titled a “special message for white people” — aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Rock says he “empathizes” with those who would prefer a Caucasian president and remind viewers that Obama is in fact  white. After all, the President plays golf, wears mom jeans and enjoys bowling; when you examine the facts carefully it’s obvious.

Meanwhile Will Ferrell has also taken the opportunity to remind his fans how important it is to get out and vote. While lounging around his den before a roaring fire, he explains how he is willing to “do anything to get you to vote.” Not only will the Saturday Night Live alum eat toenails to convince you, he will also “personally give you a tattoo.” Ferrell waits until the final seconds of the video to air his support for the incumbent. “Vote Obama,” he says, “it’s a slam dunk.” The video was tweeted by the president’s offical account for the Obama campaign on Nov. 3.

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But the biggest endorsement might be from Montgomery Burns, the villainous nuclear power plant owner from The Simpsons. Mr. Burns the time out of his busy schedule to remind the American people why Mitt Romney should be the next president of the United States (although he’s continually contradicted by his assistant Waylon Smithers). However, when he asks Romney’s dog Seamus — the one the former governor reportedly strapped to the roof of the car for a family vacation — to choose between ‘Broccoli Obama’ or ‘Meat Romney,’ the dog opts for option no. 3 – jumping out the window.