Reading While Eating for Nov. 7: The Morning After

Must read links for the day after election day: What happens now?

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In the End, It Wasn’t a Surprise. The networks started calling the election at 11:15 pm, soon after the last polls had closed, as President Obama lead in important states began to look insurmountable. So how’d he do it? TIME’s Michael Scherer says, thank the data-crunchers. (

But the Show Wasn’t Over. Some commentators (ahem, Karl Rove) decided not to take the defeat lying down. Others were less than thrilled with the President’s victory. Especially these kids. (BuzzFeed)

Some Blame the Electoral College. Although we’ve only come close to overturning that system once, and here’s how it went down. (Mental Floss)

The Real Winner? Fivethirtyeight stat guru Nate Silver, whose projections — roundly pooh-poohed by critics — proved almost perfectly accurate. Welcome to the top of the bestseller list, Nate. (Amazon)

And in Other News: Ballot initiatives in favor of marriage equality looked to make a clean sweep. (BuzzFeed)

What’s Next? Four more years — and a Twitter message from Obama that was retweeted more than 700,000 times. (Twitter)

Now, Let’s All Move Forward. And get ready to evacuate ahead of the next massive storm. (CNN)

If You Need Something to Take Your Mind Off Things: Here’s Flavorwire’s list of the 10 essential Japanese movies. (Flavorwire)

Otherwise, Put Your Hands Together one More Time: Ladies and gentlemen, Karl Rove. (YouTube)