Reading While Eating for Nov. 8: Unconventional Wisdom

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Everything we thought we knew about the 2012 election is wrong.

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Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Supporters of U.S. President Barack Obama cheer during his election night victory rally in Chicago, November 6, 2012.

It’s Day Two of the Post-2012 Election Era. And everything we thought we knew was wrong:

In Other News: Joe Scarborough lost his bet with David Axelrod on the election’s outcome, and now will have to grow a mustache. Or will he? We wuz robbed. (Daily Intel)

Most Beautiful Presidential Homes in the World. Mitt Romney won’t get to live in the White House, but maybe he’d feel better after checking these out. (Flavorwire)

A Modest Proposal: Maybe sad Republicans should go see Lincoln this weekend. Faith in Democracy: restored. (

They Call Her Nor’Easter Athena: Why are winter storms suddenly getting named? It’s not just for gratuitous Billy Joel references. (Mental Floss)

Foxconn Looking to Open U.S. Factory: Looking for a soul crushing job that could lead you to contemplate mass suicide? They’re hiring. (Business Insider)

What is Moot doing on Rick Santorum’s homepage? We can’t even. (The Daily

Can’t Touch This: Obama gloats, MC Hammer-style. (BuzzFeed)