Charles Darwin Garnered 4,000 Votes in a Georgia County

Which historical figure would you want to represent you in Congress? In one Georgia county, the answer was Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin, (1809-1902), English scientist who developed the modern theory of evolution.

Which historical figure would you want to represent you in Congress? In one Georgia county, the answer was resoundingly clear: Charles Darwin. The 19th century British naturalist garnered more than 4,000 votes from residents of Athens-Clarke County in a congressional race last week, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

Thousands of Athens-Clarke residents voted for Darwin as their district’s House representative as a vote of protest against the GOP candidate, Rep. Paul Broun, who was running for reelection unopposed, according to the paper. Broun, who has held the 10th Congressional District seat for five years, stirred up controversy in September when he gave a speech that denounced evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory. He said evolution and similar scientific theories are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

“It’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior,” Broun said.

Despite the scores of symbolic votes for Darwin — who first developed the scientific argument for the theory of evolution via natural selection — Broun received 16,980 votes in the county, handily defeating his long-deceased contender, the Athens Banner-Herald noted.

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The paper reported that other Georgian counties also collected some votes for Darwin, though several areas would not actually tally votes for him because he was not considered a “properly certified write-in candidate.” A campaign to accumulate mass symbolic support for Darwin, who died in 1882, sprung up after Broun’s controversial anti-science speech to a church group in Hartwell, Ga. Jim Leebens-Mack, a University of Georgia plant biologist, launched a “Darwin for Congress” Facebook page that states, “We have an alternative to Paul Broun. Vote Charles Darwin for Congress as a Write-In candidate for Georgia’s 10th District!”

Leebens-Mack told the Athens Banner-Herald that the number of votes for Darwin was more than he’d anticipated, although it was “in the ballpark.” He said the write-ins made it clear that Broun is “vulnerable” and is not a shoo-in for more re-elections to Congress. Broun first ascended to the House in a special 2007 election, and then he was reelected in 2008 and 2010. He won again this year in the reconfigured 10th District, which was re-drawn as part of congressional reapportionment and contains half of Athens-Clarke County, according to the Banner-Herald. Broun received 209,917 votes throughout the District.

Non-Darwin write-in votes were also cast, Leebans-Mack said, and locals wrote in names including “Big Bird” and “Bill Nye, The Science Guy” as well as less corporeal candidates like “Anyone but Broun” and “Anyone Else.” Independent candidate Brian Russell Brown, the best-finishing legitimate write-in candidate, garnered 200 votes in Athens, the Banner-Herald reported.

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“I can’t ever remember seeing a [write-in ballot] report that long,” Athens-Clarke County Elections Supervisor Gail Schrader said after write-in data was released on Thursday.

The Darwin campaign sought to draw attention to the fact that Broun serves on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, despite his ultraconservative leanings, the Huffington Post pointed out.

Of course, Broun is not alone in his convictions. A Gallup poll from June found that 46 percent of Americans believe in creationism, or the idea that God created human beings fully formed within the last 10,000 years.

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Since last election for state of Virginia I decided to ask any candidate for office an Metro or Train Stations what she/he think about evolution. Republican candidates were in panic and unable to provide any with sens answer, some democrats said that it is a legitimate theory.  No a logic answer no my vote!


I believe you may need to acknowledge radio host Neil Boortz for the idea of casting a vote for Darwin.  I remember listening to him when a caller denounced Broun's view on evolution and the fact that he was running unopposed.  Boortz suggested that the caller write-in Charles Darwin as a protest.


Well, theot58, nice job of knocking down the straw dog you set up.

My rebuttal ?  Using Broun's own words:

"evolution and similar scientific theories are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” 

Lies straight from the pit of hell.  I rest my case.

theot58 2 Like

I feel sorry for Paul Broun, he is a doctor and a scientist but the dogmatic evolutionists are slandering him as an ignorant hillbillty - how pathetic.

For too long the Evolutionists have been harassing and intimidating anyone who questioned the Evolution myth.There are many cases where people have been bullied and harassed for no other reason than because they questioned Evolution. (See Expelled - No intelligence allowed, or the Kansas School Board - Evolution hearings for documentation). Questioning/scrutinizing is a key tennant of the scientific method, it should be encouraged not punished.

The evolution battle is often MISrepresented as science against religion - this is baloney!The real battle is between good science and Darwinism. When Darwinian/Macro evolution is scrutinised using the scientific method, it crumbles.The scientific method demands: observation, measurement, repeatability. Darwinian/Macro evolution has none of these, all it has is circumstantial evidence which is open to interpretation. Ask yourself: What evidence is there that our great .... great grandfather was a self replicating molecule?

Go to attached link for a 10 min audio interview with Dr Ben Carson.He is a world famous neuro surgeon and created much controversy recently when he expressed his rejection of Darwinian evolution.I commend the link to you;


@theot58Google: <a href="">For too long the Evolutionists have been harassing and intimidating anyone who questioned</a>

This is a copypasta creobot. It's probably not even reading the replies.



I am surprised that you did not refer readers to the Discovery Institute which of course is full of the kind of piffle and nonsense you spout in support of the mistaken Mr. Broun.  Mostly the arguments there are from authority as  are your own as bgriffin84 points out.  As far as Expelled goes anyone taking the time to look at that should aslo go here which handily debunks Ben Stein arguments/misinformation.  If you really want to get more  insight on human/life origions you can go here:  or read this book



theot58Surgeons are not scientists... nor are they trained to examine and parse information regarding this subject. Your argument hinges on an Argument from Authority, only the person you cited is not an authority on bioanthropology, at all. Not even a little bit. One has to wonder why you would choose to select someone that has never formally studied evolution in the first place.You have exhibited tell-tale signs in your post that you do not have a working knowledge of biological evolution utilizing natural selection. You mock the most accepted explanation for the diversity of species by utilizing a tactic where you simplify the opposing view into something ridiculously small and then attacking that. This is the sign of the Charlatan, forever representing his knowledge as more valid than it is.