Reading While Eating for Nov. 12: The Petraeus Scandal

The weekend has come and gone, but the revelations regarding the resignation of General David Petraeus continue to spill out

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REUTERS / ISAF / Handout

General David Petraeus shakes hands with author Paula Broadwell in a photo posted on July 13, 2011

Ramifications of the Petraeyal. What former CIA director David Petraeus meant to U.S. foreign policy. Also, more puns. (

Christmas Comes Early for the New York Post. It had a great — if somewhat outdated — time this weekend. (BuzzFeed)

Why Petraeus Had to Go. The threat of blackmail. (Swampland)

Regression of the Union Jack. Even during a major American scandal, it’s O.K. to poke a little fun at our allies across the pond. (The Daily What)

Eleven Things You Might Not Know About the U.S. Army. In this week’s edition of “Well That Was Poorly Timed,” the news of Petraeus’ affair broke just two days before Veterans Day. (Mental Floss)

The Greatest Life Advice from Kurt Vonnegut. Sunday marked what would have been the best-selling author’s 90th birthday. (Flavorwire)

Why Did Mike Brown Get the Ax? Mike D’Antoni — not Phil Jackson — was named the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday morning. (Grantland)

“It’s Thanksgiving.” As turkey prep begins, we’ve got an appropriate, time-sensitive anthem for the season. Warning: Unless you very much enjoy Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” under no circumstances should you watch this video. (NewsFeed)