Reading While Eating for Nov. 16: Coulda Woulda Shoulda

In today’s must-read links for your lunch break: A look back at the week that might have been, featuring a Romney presidency and Mike Trout as the 2012 American League MVP.

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REUTERS/Mike Segar

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney arrives to deliver his concession speech during his election night rally in Boston on November 7.

What Coulda Happened If The Other Guy Won: A close look at Romney’s now-defunct transition team. (Swampland)

Woulda Been A Good Idea To Wear Pants. Apparently this is a major fashion faux pas. Ah, the things we learn every day. (Go Fug Yourself)

Shoulda Known Better. Why David Petraeus didn’t think he would get caught. Other than the fact that “dead-dropping” is far from an effective method of covering one’s tracks. (

He Wuz Robbed. Mike Trout’s incredible, unprecedented rookie season was ignored in favor of Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown campaign in the American League’s MVP voting, much to the outrage of people who actually know things about baseball. Still, it’s far from the worst MVP vote baseball has ever had. (SB Nation)

Twinkies Are No More… Along with all other Hostess products, as the company will likely shutter in the wake of a “crippling strike.” We know at least one person certain to be devastated by this news. (Associated Press)

Ten Twinkie Talking Points. For all the conversations you’re sure to have with friends, family and co-workers about the end of an era. You’re welcome. (Mental Floss)

Eulogies for a Snack. Twitter always delivers the goods. (The Week)

Should You Buy the Latest Tarantino Retirement Rumor? Probably not. But you should still go see Django Unchained when it hits theaters Christmas Day. (Flavorwire)

Today in “Well, That’s Awful:”Slumdog Millionaire producer was arrested after throwing acid in his mistress’ face. (Divanee)

33 Reasons The Mighty Ducks Franchise Is The Greatest Movie Franchise of All-Time. We’re pretty sure we could flesh this out by adding another zero (or double zero—shout out to Guy Germaine) at the end of that number, but we’ll take what we can get. (Buzzfeed)

People Want To Secede From Secession Movements. In fairness, it was the next logical step. (The Daily What)

Music Video Breakdowns: “Separate Ways” by Journey. These never get old. Watch the video below and then click the link for a guided tour of its ridiculousness. (Warming Glow)