WATCH: Who Would You Unfriend on Facebook?

For the third year running, Jimmy Kimmel wants us to unclog our Facebook friends lists.

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Did you unfriend someone on Facebook this weekend? If not, you should have, according to Jimmy Kimmel, who declared Nov. 17 National Unfriend Day two years ago. “Most people have somewhere between four and 30 friends in real life, but Facebook friends can go into the thousands,” Kimmel said on his show last week. “It’s time to get rid of them.”

So who to drop? Kimmel and his team had a few suggestions.

1)    “The Overly Political Friend” — Get over it folks: the presidential election is so two weeks ago. “Everything this person posts is angry and politically oriented,” Kimmel noted, whether it’s links to inflammatory articles or attempts to interject politics into innocuous comments. (Example: “Lakers fired coach Mike Brown — nice work on unemployment Obama!”)

2)    “The Instagramer” — An ardent cell phone picture-snapper, this person has an unquenchable desire to photograph his lunch, dinner, late-night snack, after-work beer — anything you name it — with the popular photo app. In fact the only thing this person likes taking photos of more than food is, inexplicably, his or her feet. Unfriend.

3)    “The Super Model” —  “This is the girl who posts lots of candid pictures of herself that aren’t candid at all,” Kimmel said — whether she is standing in line at the DMV or walking to a post office. “We get it, you’re hot,” Kimmel said. But no matter how hot she is, it’s time to unfriend.

4)    “The Oversharer” — If you have a friend who documents his life as if updating a live blog, you would know what he ate for breakfast (Lucky Charms), what kind of latte he drinks (eggnog) and how much of the latte he’d drunk by 3:40 p.m. (“I have five sips left”). There are some things we really don’t have to know.

5)    “The Proud Parent” — This beaming new mother cannot contain her excitement by sharing every detail and photo of her son’s life. She would remind you that little Skyler just smeared a bowl of peas on his face, and moments later, vomited it all over himself.

So who did you unfriend on National Unfriend Day? Let us know in the comments, and check out some other viewers’ opinions in this followup video, “Hey Jimmy, Meet My Best Unfriend.”


When a President who has given himself the autocratic power to assassinate U.S. citizens without trial is the best choice voters have to prevent an even further slide into a completely National Socialist government being run of, for and by the corporations, and led by a vulture capitalist who bankrupted struggling companies and sent those jobs to China, then politics in America has reached a crisis point. That matters, and I will post about it. Workers, or "wealth creators" have seen their wages decline for decades, while economic policies squeeze the money up to the oligarchs, and that matters. With record deficits and an economy precariously tottering toward a world-wide Greater Depression and an obstructionist Republican Congress blocking jobs programs, senior health care and veterans care legislation, "Nothing to see here, sheeple - move along, ha-ha" doesn't cut it, Kimmel.


@spiritgael I wager if this is the way you post to your FB timeline...then I guarantee many of your friends have hidden you from their timelines so they don't have to see the Doom & Gloom posts.  If no one sees you rant...does it happen?