Reading While Eating for Nov. 21: Hit the Road

In today's must read links for your lunch break: It's the day before Thanksgiving, a.k.a. the worst travel day of the year. Be careful out there.

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Passengers wait in line to board their trains at Union Station November 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. Travelers are expected to flood the nation’s transportation system for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Be Careful Out There: It’s the day before Thanksgiving, also known as the worst travel day of the year, and Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports are already canceling flights. And if you’re driving, watch out: several municipalities have been going around making yellow lights shorter, the National Journal reports, in order to increase revenue from traffic violations. (Chicago Tribune)

At Least You’re Not Eating in Space. Happy Thanksgiving, ISS astronauts! (Mashable)

…Or Mrs. Manning: The mother of NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton has to decide which of her children she loves more. The Giants are 6-4; the Broncos are 7-3. Just sayin’. (

Mitt Romney, You Just Lost the Presidential Election. What Are You Doing Now? You guessed it: Mitt went to Disneyworld. And it looks like he had a heck of a time. (BuzzFeed)

Pass the Gravy: The seven overlooked rituals of Thanksgiving, according to leading sociologists. (Mental Floss)

…and Pass that Pigskin! For the second year running, the Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Gay presents the essential rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football. (Wall Street Journal)

Give Peas a Chance: In this week’s TIME cover story, Dr. Mehmet Oz talks up the benefits of the anti-food snob diet. (

A Different Kind of Roast: The best quips from Tuesday night’s roast of literary gadabout Gary Shteyngart, brought to you by Kurt Anderson, Sloane Crosley et al. (Flavorwire)

Damn You, Hostess! With word that talks have collapsed between employers and the unions, junk food aficionados are bracing for a world in which they’ll be forced to make their own Twinkies. (Cheezburger)

Any Questions? Ze Frank’s guide to perfect holiday etiquette. Happy Thanksgiving! (YouTube)