Reading While Eating for Nov. 22: Giving Thanks

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Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Clowns gather as the sun rises for the start of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on Nov. 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re not sure why you’d be reading this, unless you’re taking a break from watching the parade or came here by mistake looking for instructions on how to carve a turkey. But we just wanted to list a few of the things we’re thankful for today.

The Gaza Cease-Fire.┬áIt’s not a holiday there, of course, but we’re still glad that there aren’t rockets being fired on Thanksgiving. (

Football All Afternoon. Here’s how to sound smart talking about the games. And while we’re especially glad not to be a long-shot NFL rookie linebacker, we salute these guys for spending their Thanksgiving entertaining us. (New York Times)

Nordstrom. Unlike some other stores, there’s no Black Thursday shopping for these guys. (Racked)

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Marathon. Sadly, it’s not with us anymore, but Mental Floss lets you play along at home with some of the best episodes. Thanks, guys. (Mental Floss)

Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes. Truly the best. Here’s how to celebrate like your favorite characters. (Flavorwire)

That We’re Not in the Friend Zone. It’s all this guy. (Cheezburger)

This Kitten. Bliss. (BuzzFeed)

… And in Case You’re Still Looking: Here’s how to carve a turkey. (New York Times)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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For the first time since 9/11, most of Fort Bragg's soldiers are home for Thanksgiving

But those still being sent are seeking to regain at least some of thosemissions for the Afghan people, there is no movement within the ranks orthe veterans of but for the gradual drawdown and hope of accomplishingsomething. Many Afghans will be helped as will the country, many won'tbe as that is what destructive wars and occupations cause, hope is allas to the country and it's future. And it's long past due that OurCountry step up and Sacrifice for the costs of, especially the wealthy,still being added daily, and more importantly for the results of forthose who've served it!

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