Reading While Eating for Dec. 5: No Baby Yet?

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: No royal baby yet! Plus, Alan Simpson dances "Gangnam Style." With a can.

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A police officer stands outside the central London hospital on December 5, 2012, where a pregnant Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is receiving treatment for acute morning sickness.

Something Something Royal Baby Something. It’s day three of the Kate and William Royal Baby Birthwatch, and lassitude is starting to sink in. To skip ahead and see what the rest of the young Windsor’s life holds, check out NewsFeed’s quick guide. (

If Kate Has Twins, Who Accedes to the Throne? Actually: good question. (Mental Floss)

Either Way, You’ll Be Needing This: Google Chrome has a widget that will remove any mention of the Royal baby from your browser. Neat. (Google)

Now Smell This: The brains (or, really, noses) behind the fragrance company D.S. & Durga talk about the history of scent. (Flavorwire)

Attention, Extraordinary Humans: Stay safe. It’s a bad week for you so far. (Daily Intel)

Is This the Best Hoodie Ever?  Arguably. But we still prefer this one. (

How big can the tallest tower built of Lego get? Pretty darn tall. Here’s the science. (The Daily

That Sounds Reasonable: A couple who met on the message boards of the libertarian website got married, had a daughter and named her… Reason. (

Psy Has Made Nearly $8 Million from “Gangnam Style.” That’ll buy you a lot of sleeveless tuxedo shirts. (Mashable)

And Speaking of “Gangnam Style:” Once you see Alan Simpson doing the invisible horse dance with a giant can, you cannot unsee it. (BuzzFeed; h/t Adam Sorensen)

RIP, Dave Brubeck: The jazz piano legend died today at age 91. Sit back, put on your horn-rimmed glasses and enjoy the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s masterpiece, “Take Five.” (Entertainment Weekly)