Reading While Eating for Dec. 17: Tragedy-Free Edition

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A child protects candles from the wind during a vigil outside the White House in Washington, DC, following the Connecticut elementary school shooting, Dec. 14, 2012.

Like everybody else, we’re overcome with sadness at the deaths of 20 children and eight adults in Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. You’ll find plenty of TIME’s coverage of the tragedy here, here and here; today’s links are for those who need a break from the despair.

Why Is Rudolph’s Nose Red? And 10 other things you didn’t know about your favorite Christmas carols. (

Brady and Gronk’s Excellent Adventure: This buddy movie needs to happen, people! (Twitter, via @JasonWSJ)

12 Letters That Didn’t Quite Make the Alphabet: Tyronian “Ond,” we scarcely knew ye. (Mental Floss)

Let Uncle Joe Teach You How to Shred: Biden’s offering guitar lessons. Take a flyer! (The Onion)

The full Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. Yep. Awesome. (Vulture)

In Related Awesomeness: Here’s how you can watch two NASA probes crash into the moon today. (Mashable)

What to Read: The New York Times’ book critics pick their favorites of 2012. (New York Times)

Two Pomeranian Puppies Smaller than a Soda Can: If you like tiny dogs and Sierra Mist, this is for you. (BuzzFeed)