Reading While Eating for Dec. 18: Sadness and Anger

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Burying Newtown's victims, hyperventilating over Instagram and pushing the frontiers of belly button research.

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A casket with the body of James Mattioli, a six-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, is carried out of St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church after a funeral Mass on December 18, 2012 in Newtown, Conn.

Sadness. The burials of the young victims of Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., continued today — marred by a report that the Westboro Baptist Church intends to picket them. (CBS News)

Anger. This prompted the hacker collective Anonymous to launch an attack on the hate group, with amusing results. (

Next Time, Try This? Here are 10 more nonviolent (and pretty clever) ways to thwart the Westboro Baptist Church. (Mental Floss)

The Internet Is a Strange and Terrible Place: BuzzFeed has found 20 parody Ted accounts on Twitter, and they all probably have more followers than you. (BuzzFeed)

The End of Instagram as We Know It: Thanks to new user policy changes we’re all freaking out about, Instagram will now own all of your food porn. (Grub Street)

Our Long Canadian Nightmare Is Over: Speaking of food, three people have been arrested in this summer’s daring maple syrup heist. (Associated Press)

Follow-Up of the Day: Paula Broadwell won’t be charged with cyber-stalking in the ongoing David Petraeus sex scandal. (Daily Intel)

Your Belly Button Holds 1,458 Species of Bacteria ‘New to Science’. And you thought that was just lint. (The Atlantic)

The Best Music Videos of 2012. Yes, ‘Gangnam Style’ is in there. But we’re not saying where. (

For the Love of God, Use Your Gift Cards: Up to $1.7 billion in gift cards will go unspent this year, a consulting group says. (Mashable)

Inside the NRA Playbook: How the National Rifle Association handles the p.r. fallout from every mass shooting — and how it’ll handle the next one. (Slate)

This Transformers Reboot Will Be the Most Important Role of Mark Wahlberg’s Career. Um, okay. (Videogum)

Let It Snow: If you have a pot of boiling water and it’s -41 degrees outside, you can create a cool cloud of ice crystals. Here’s how. (Wired via The Daily