Reading While Eating for Dec. 19: Person of the Year

Must-read links for your lunch break: Everything you need to know about TIME's Person of the Year

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Charles Dharapak/AP

President Barack Obama gestures as he takes questions from reporters, Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, at the White House in Washington.

Person of the Year: President Barack Obama appears on our cover this week as TIME’s 85th person of the year, but you can read all about the year he had, and why we picked him, here. Plus we’ve got a great photo of the President fighting Spider-man. (

Au Contraire, Say our friends at Quartz. (

Sadly, Kim Jong Un Will Be Heartbroken. (NewsFeed)

The Funniest Autocorrects of 2012. Seriously, these are amazing. Don’t try to drink anything while reading. (BuzzFeed)

More Egg Nog, Mr. Carson! Here’s how to throw your own Downton Abbey holiday party. (Flavorwire)

Donation of the Day: The folks behind the “politically incorrect card game” Cards Against Humanity gave more than $77,000 to Wikipedia. (Cards Against Humanity via The Daily

Twitter Has Reportedly Suspended a Major Anonymous Account. Take cover. (Gawker)

The Best Astronomy Photos of 2012. It was actually a pretty awesome year in space. (Slate)

Even Awesomer: There may be a habitable planet just 12 lightyears away. Start packing. (Mashable)

Google’s Dead Sea Scrolls Are Amazing. (Google Cultural Institute)

Hey, Did You Read Megan McArdle’s Crazy Gun Control Article in the Daily Beast? Well, lots of other people have. (The Atlantic)

DJ Earworm Returns: Here’s every song you probably heard this year, tied together in one sweet mashup. (via CBS News)