Reading While Eating for Dec. 21: Guns Blazing

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Evan Vucci/AP

A protester holds up a sign as National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, left, speaks during a news conference in response to the Connecticut school shooting on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 in Washington.

Blaze of Glory: NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre addressed the Sandy Hook shootings today for the first time since the massacre, and called for universal disarmament and a total ban on the sale of assault weapons. Nah, we kid. (NewsFeed)

It’s Not Us, It’s You: Ten things that LaPierre blamed for the Sandy Hook shootings. (BuzzFeed)

Full Transcript: Read LaPierre’s remarks for yourself (New York Times)

Would More Guns in Schools Help? At least eight states are already considering legislation to allow teachers to carry. But an armed guard couldn’t stop Columbine. (, Jefferson Co. Sheriff via CNN)

How Much Would It Cost? A rough estimate? About $5.5 billion a year. (Slate)

Don’t Laugh. It Could Happen: 53% of Americans say a greater police presence might help prevent future shootings. And some Real Americans actually thought LaPierre made a strong argument. (Gallup; Daily Intelligencer)

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania: Apparently while LaPierre was speaking, this happened. (Tribune Democrat)

In Other News: Hey, wasn’t there supposed to be an apocalypse today? Here’s 10 other end of the world predictions gone wrong. (Mental Floss)

Day Ain’t Over Yet: Here’s 13 things we won’t miss after the Mayan Apocalypse. (

Heading for the Fiscal Cliff: House Republicans cut and run on Boehner’s “Plan B.” So what happens now? (The Atlantic)

Best Dressed of 2012: Fug Nation’s five faves. Fabulous! (GoFugYourself)

Photographs of Courage: CNN Photographers document the lives of Pakistani women who (like TIME Person of the Year Runner-Up Malala Yousafzai) are making a difference. (Divanee)

Pulp Fiction in Ink: 30 tattoos inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies. (Flavorwire)

One Good Thing: Lego will apparently make the Back to the Future DeLorean toy kit a reality, which instantly makes the world a better place. Happy holidays. (Wired)




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Typical Liberal response, "It's someone else's fault except the person who did it" No one wants to accept responsibility for anything anymore.

JimPietrowski 1 Like

Someone....anyone please explain how the NRA is killing our kids. Talk about stupidity what kind of a moron would make a sign like that and be stupid enough to walk around with it. Someone please explain.


I don't own guns either and have no intention of owning any unless some
dire national emergency made it necessary. Some people just should
never own firearms. I am definitely one of those. However I still am a
staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believe that this is not the
time for Americans to be surrendering their Constitutional rights.
Certainly not with all of the global economic uncertainty that we're
experiencing. The American working/middle class needs to retain the
means to defend itself. I don't care how many "tragedies"
like this
occur. The NRA and 2nd Amendment did NOT cause these events. Instead we
should ask why our country continues to close down mental hospitals when
its obvious we need more of them not less. Instead of criminalizing
mentally ill people and throwing them in prison to receive "treatment"
or leaving them to run free in the community because its the "least
restrictive environment" we should be re-institutionalizing all those
that were de-institutionalized from psych hospitals over the past 30


I don't own guns, never have never will. its a personal choice thing! But i have to agree with him on this. the people in charge of protecting our children, may in fact in this day and age really learn to protect them.they are the first responders to our children.


The protester with the sign in front of the NRA thug should be awarded our highest Civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom.

BrianChandler 1 Like

@HannoPhoenicia  "Thug" funny, yeah it's all their fault and not yours huh. I bet you also think that spoons make people fat.

ronald73 1 Like

@HannoPhoenicia   Sad comment, as misplaced as the sign.  The NRA didn't cause the children to be killed.  The "logic" of the sign is the same as blaming car manufacturers when someone get run down by a car, or blaming cutlery manufacturers when someone get stabbed, or blaming the maker of ladders every time someone gets crippled by falling off a ladder.  Defective thinking and uncontrolled emotions is what we're seeing from both sides of the so-called gun issue.  Murder is done daily by people who give up their regard for others and they use many means to do their evil deeds.