Reading While Eating for Jan. 2: New Year, New Habits

In honor of this first installment of lunchtime reading of 2013, we're offering up some resolutions of our own.

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Petr Josek / Reuters

Shoes hang on a power line at Letna park overlooking Prague early January 2, 2013.

For the procrastinators: We almost went over the fiscal cliff. Leave it to some literal 11th-hour legislation. But the deal wasn’t without some harsh rhetoric from the nation’s top politicians that almost stopped the deal from getting done. (Politico)

For the birds: Break out your jazzhands and let TIME’s tech editor Doug Aamoth tell you what you’re doing wrong on Twitter. (Techland)

For the cinephiles: A roundup of the famous faces that are poised dominate this coming year on the silver screen. Get those overtime checks ready, agents. (Vulture)

For the a.m. overachievers: To us, coffee is coffee – essential morning fuel for which taste is less crucial than caffeine content. But to the truly dedicated morning-joe consumers, there are camps and training sessions out there to teach the perfect balance between coffee grounds and water. (New York Times)

For the photobombers: We’re resolving to always carry a pleasant expression on our faces this year. You never know when you’re going to accidentally ruin the New Year’s Eve photo of a superstar – and newly-pregnant – couple. (BuzzFeed)

For the oddsmakers: A few outlandish predictions for 2013. Fair warning, though: you might not want to take these to Vegas. There’s not enough P90X in the world to turn Paul Ryan into the next Felix Baumgartner. (The Observer)

For the still-hungover: Rough morning? The EpicMealTime titans have whipped up a meal that will get you back on your feet again post-New Year’s. (YouTube)