Traffic Cop Tells All: How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket (and Other Tips)

Okay, so the best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is not to speed, but you knew that. What you really want to know is, how do you speed and not get a ticket?

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Okay, so the best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is not to speed, but you knew that. What you really want to know is, how do you speed and not get a ticket?

One way: Go 189 m.p.h. That’s insane, of course, and you’d have to be to drive that fast anywhere not a speedway or the Bonneville Salt Flats, but according to former traffic cop Mike Brucks, that’s what it took for him to let a speeder go.

“I clocked a guy on a crotch-rocket bike doing 189 mph,” said Brucks in an interview with Popular Mechanics. “Just let him go. Since police departments began to get sued for chasing speeders, around 1995, there’s a fine line. You have to determine if you can catch him, if chasing him will cause an accident for him, for you, for the public. There’s no way to catch anyone like that.”

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After working as a military traffic cop for six years, Brucks joined the El Paso Police Department where he dueled with speeders for 22 years from the back of Kawasakis and Harley-Davidsons before retiring last May. Over the course of his career, he says he issued nearly 40,000 tickets. Why motorcycles? Because they trump cars when it comes to catching speeders: You can accelerate faster, says Bruck, and they’re easier to navigate through traffic.

What were his favorite hiding places? Overpasses and bridges on freeways, but even then, he notes, location was everything: “If there are a lot of exits, I can miss [a speeder] who can maybe get off at an exit, and then it’s too late to catch him.”

A lot of people assume, rightly or wrongly, that the margin over the posted limit you can speed before a traffic cop’s going to bother is around 10 m.p.h. For Bruck, it was more like 20 m.p.h., at least in areas he says had “a lot of visibility,” though it sounds like anything exceeding 80 m.p.h. was cause for pursuit. “Above 75 mph things just happen so fast, [whether it’s] a flat tire, a coyote, wind, dirt, or rocks,” he says. “It’s not that much better now that cars are safer; reaction times are still the same.”

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While talking your way out of a ticket is probably next to impossible, Bruck says someone speeding to get to a family member just sent to the hospital might do the trick. Also: if you’re tracking down your spouse, who’s having (or about to have) an affair.

“I clocked a woman coming down from New Mexico on Highway 54 at 111 mph,” says Bruck. “She had just been stopped for going 90 mph 15 minutes [earlier] in New Mexico … She had been crying, and the tears didn’t just start — they’d been going on a long time, you can tell. She was on her way to a motel in El Paso to catch her husband who was shacked up with another woman there, cheating. How do you write a ticket for that?”

(Incidentally, for those wondering what a “crotch-rocket” bike is, here you go.)


Matt, these are some really cool trick. I laughed when the cop said to go 128 mph. I thought that it was hilarious that someone going that fast wouldn't have been dragged into a huge car chase. I wonder if he had got the guy how big of a fine he would have gotten. It seems like if you are ever going that fast you would definitely need a lawyer.


A lot of people speed, but they don't really think about the numbers.

Say your travel distance is 30 miles.  And the speed limit is 70. 

If you maintain an average speed of 70 the whole way you will travel that distance in 25.714 minutes.

Now if you speed, say 84 mph.  You travel that distance in 21.42 minutes.  Meaning you saved barely 3+ minutes off your travel time.

Now at the end of that trip, you get off an exit and there's a stop light.  Chances are it will be red and you will wait at least 2 minutes.

In most scenarios two cars can leave the same point at the same time with the same destination.  One car can do 20mph over and 1 car can do 10 mph and in most cases both cars arrive at the same time.  Because the first car get's stuck at a stop light and the 2nd car runs in the back of the same stop light and their speed is normalized by traffic lights.

Now consider why you speed.  Maybe you have to be at work in 15 minutes and your 30 minutes away.  Well, by that logic you would need to travel that same 30miles at over 120mph to get their in 15 minutes.  Good luck with that.

People speed, but they never think why, or put any logic into it.

When I speed it's because I want to get around a car that is making me worry (weaving, falling apart, smoking engine etc), or I'm about to be boxed in by multiple 55mph tractor trailors and big trucks around me with no escape (in the event something goes wrong) make me nervous "e.g. tire blow out, or heavy winds pushing them out of lane".


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The best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to, you know, not speed.


Well that didn't tell me anything useful.  Thanks for wasting my time!


Pull your license and insurance papers out and put them on the dash in front of you before he gets out of his car or off his bike. Put your hands on your head or the dash in front of the wheel. Apologize for making him stop you and explain that you know traffic stops are fraught with danger and tell the truth about your speeding. If it is dark don't forget to turn your interior lights on before reaches your vehicle in addition to everything else. I am three for three getting a verbal warning by doing these things when stopped for speeding.


if they stop you for speeding they are in need of meeting quotas which are aimed at keeping the supply of donuts up--if you are stopped you will most likely get a ticket-In Florida speeding is a major no-no at quota time--in which case you will get a ticket for even one mile over the speed limit--any other infraction including running red lights is just fine---killing someone with your car is not really frowned upon and hit and runs are just another day on the roadways--cops are NEVER wrong--even if you were going the exact speed as them-you are wrong--they could have been on a call--even if they weren't too bad they could have been and that's good enough--don't like it get your own badge--speeding in school or construction zones especially bad not because you might hurt someone but because it costs more--Fl cops will run radar in construction zones even when workers are NOT present--they will patrol small streets and jump out in front of you to stop your speeding butt saying things like you were going too fast for the conditions--don't bother telling them you weren't because you stopped short of hitting them--that is immaterial--Do not charge on a green light you might scare a red light runner and that is cause for a ticket--you must always wait ten minutes after the light turns green before going--if it is red by then even better Fl drivers expect that---if you hit someone it's ok cuz its an accident---by the way please note that in FL the left lane is for going slow, texting and talking on the phone--if you aren't doing these things move to the right lane--and by all means DO NOT use your blinker or move to your exit lane until a second before you plan your exit or you will confuse people.  lastly if it rains you MUST use your hazard lights--rain is like black ice dangerous and you MUSt be a beacon for the other drivers---


The traffic sign on the roadside telling drivers how fast they are allowed to drive shows the same speed limit morning, noon or night; summer, winter or fall; snow, rain or sunshine.  The speed displayed is an average and/or approximation of the safe speed - too low on straight open stretches on clear days and too high in bad conditions.  Which combinations are likely to prevail when you get most tickets?  That is what happens when the government revenue from issuing speeding tickets is as important as the safety enhancing objectives of enforcing speeding limits.


Avoiding speeding tickets?  Easy-peasy!  You just need to do a little planning.  Plan #1 - CRUISE CONTROL!  You set your speed one mile under the speed limit - no more making friends with Mr. Nice-Man-In-Blue-Suit!  If that's too simple for you, try Plan #2 - include money in your budget for paying tickets!


Not a whole lot of substance to this article.  I will add one tip:  if you are going to speed, do it on a rainy day.  Cops hate getting out of their cars to stand in the rain.  


"You might be able to outrun the cop, but you cant outrun the radio"

Trying to dodge the police on a high speed motorcycle is basically asking to loose your motorcycle forever, your credit (because those fines are gonna hurt), your license and your liberty. Additionally in many regions of the USA you might as well be begging the cops for an arse beating you'll never forget.


6 Myths That Are NOT Going

To Help You Win Your Case

(Avoid This Loser Advice!)

Let’s just debunk a few myths quickly. This should save you from spending money on ridiculous scams and relying on faulty tactics.

Myth #1:

I wasn’t really speeding and the officer will have to tell the truth (I have notes).

Nope. He won’t. You can’t hope to challenge the officer’s recollection of the events.

If there were three other cars and a truck coming down the road at the same time as you, he will say there was only one and he will be believed.

(You don’t think the court is going to take your word, or the word of your biased witness, against his, do you? I hope not.)

Myth #2:

There is a mistake on my ticket.

Possible. But it must be a fatal flaw and not an immaterial mistake. If the license plate # is wrong but the officer identifies your car – you lose.

If your name is spelled wrong – you still lose. If the ticket says a Grey Saab and you have a red pick-up – you win that one. (Save your money and don’t buy the book.)

Myth #3:

Try to get your case postponed hoping the officer doesn’t show.

When the officer does show up, what do you do then?

(There’s actually a book out there that advocates finding out when the officer is on vacation and trying to schedule the trial then. Sure, the cops at the station will be happy to hand out their work and vacation schedules. Why not ask them for addresses and their kid’s schools while you’re at it!)

Myth #4:

Claim “Speeding out of necessity”, or some other “can’t fail” excuse.

(There better be someone bleeding in your back seat to make this one work.)

Myth #5:

Plea bargain to go to traffic school.

Why in the world would you want to do that when you can get 100% off? Most pleas fall on deaf ears. These folks go through case after case after case and have heard it all before.

If they are willing to negotiate, they will ask you.

(Unless of course you like pleading with hard-asses and hope to be allowed to go to traffic school as a remote prize).

Myth #6:

I can trip up the officer through my clever questions and reduce his credibility.

If you are really, really good, you may catch Officer Stone on some inconsistency. But it is highly doubtful you can beat him this way.

He is trained and does this all the time. Remember, the court is on his side.

So if you thought any of the above tricks were going to get you off, think again.

Gimmicks don’t work.

The above information was taken from the Speeding Ticket Fixer web-site


I told the cop I was going to catch my cheating wife at a motel and he gave me his phone number and a wink..WTF?


Go 189 m.p.h  Quite asocial to herald such nonsense. Even more since there are always some retarded drivers who do believe this.

What comes next ... advice on how to perform murder and get away with it ?


This article should be taken with a grain of salt. Every state has different
speeding policies. In DC, one can get a $40-65 speeding ticket even for just
going above 5mph over the speed limit -- even if it is to take off an exit ramp.
In Baltimore, one can also get a speeding ticket going over 5mph per over the
speed limit.