Which Monopoly Piece Would You Vote Off the Board?

Alas, poor Monopoly piece, we knew you well: Hasbro says it'll soon lay one of the venerable economic board game's tiny metal tokens to rest for good. But which one?

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Hasbro / Facebook

Alas, poor Monopoly game piece, we knew you well: Hasbro says it’ll soon lay one of the venerable economic board game’s tiny metal tokens to rest for good. But which one?

That’s where you come in. The company’s running what it’s calling a “Save Your Token” campaign (read: clever marketing ploy) to decide which piece gets yanked. Your choices: the race car (introduced in 1935), iron (1935), wheelbarrow (1952), boot (1935), top hat (1935), thimble (1935), battleship (1935) or Scottie dog (1952).

What’ll it be, Monopoly wonks? Sink the battleship? Boot the boot? Crash the race car? Put the poor Scottie dog down?

Call it Survivor: Monopoly Edition. Just visit the official Monopoly Facebook page, then vote for the token you like most. You have until Feb. 5, after which the lowest scoring piece is off Hasbro’s fold-up cardboard real estate island for good. Current leaderboard figures: The Scottie dog is “safe” by a huge margin, followed by the race car, but the iron and wheelbarrow are definitely in trouble.

What will the ill-fated piece be replaced with? You can vote on that, too. The company’s putting never-before-seen tokens up for grabs, including a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar and diamond ring.

USA Today reports Hasbro will ship a limited-run “Golden Token” version of the game for $18 in mid-February, sold exclusively through Target, that’ll include all of the old tokens plus the five new ones. The revamped standard version starring the new token will be available later this summer.

It’s not the first time the game’s experienced token turnover: Monopoly as we know it first appeared in 1935 with four colored wooden pawns. The metal versions came a few years later, raising the token count to eight, and once the cannon and battleship were added, 10. In the early 1950s, the lantern, purse and rocking horse were removed, replaced by the dog, guy riding a horse and wheelbarrow. More recently, the cannon and horse tokens were pulled, dropping the piece count from 10 to eight. In all, Hasbro says more than 20 tokens have been cast since the game was originally introduced.


I think it has to do with the Gay community again.  I think the Gay's are feeling that the Game is not representing the Gay's as they should. So that's what the "GAY CAT"  is representing.  Really!  So when starting the Game, Notice whom are the ones to quickly claim the "Gay Cat" as there playing piece of Joice. 


This takes priority  over all things. P l e a s e do not eliminate any piece, add to it. Everyone is use to these cute pieces, you'll lose players over this. Ths best part of game is grabbing ur piece first. lol


 Listen buddy! whats up with the getting rid of the monopoly piece? The scotty dog is the best. DO NOT GET RID OF THE SCOTTIE DOG NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Why do thy have to retire a piece?!?!?!?


Keep all the pieces and get rid of the card that says the bank can't run out of money.


This is a piece of Americana... and while there are fewer today who appreciated our history and culture, this seemingly insignificant game represents quite a lot.

But more than anything... having this company, Hasbro, make it a matter of dirt profit by trashing the game and also, creating a rush for whatever token they decide to shtcan, is a good example of just how awful greed combined with the free market can be.

This game is part of our nation's culture and history... it should NOT be the playtoy of the mass-corporate elite to tinker with to see how much pocket change they can generate.

Add a new token, if they must but leave the old ones as they have been for generations.

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There are enough firings still going on in this lousy economy. Instead of voting one of the pieces off the island, let's keep all but combine two of them into one. The obvious choice is to put the dog on top of the car - thank you, Mitt Romney.