Reading While Eating for Jan. 15: A Tarnished Icon Confesses

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Lance Armstrong comes clean on doping and trouble for the metric system.

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Cyclist Lance Armstrong addresses participants at The LIVESTRONG Challenge Ride at the Palmer Events Center on October 21 in Austin, Texas. More than 4,000 cyclists participated in the charity ride supporting cancer survivors.

Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping. In a revelation that will surprise no one but the most dedicated of Dodgeball fans, sources report that the seven-time Tour de France champion told Oprah Winfrey on Monday that he used performance enhancing drugs during his career. The interview will be aired Thursday. (Keeping Score)

Could Lance Return to Cycling? Unlikely, but possible. There are reports that Armstrong could receive a reduction in his lifetime ban if he’s willing to name names about others involved in illegal doping. (Deadspin)

Speaking of Manipulations… Here are 10 photos that have been altered to make you do a double-take. (Flavorwire)

Could the Metric System Be in Trouble? Apparently the “perfect” kilogram—Le Grand K, the lump of platinum and iridium in a French lab by which all other kilograms are measured—seems to be losing some of its heft. The slight drop in weight has scientists scrambling to create a more accurate standard. (mental_floss)

A New Cure for Hangovers (and the Flu). IV clinics are beginning to gain more traction following a long night of drinking (or battle with influenza). (Healthland)

So About the Other Night… Everyone remembers Tommy Lee Jones’ face from the other night, right? At the Golden Globes, when Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were on stage making comedy? This one. At any rate, here’s an important reminder from Will Smith about that face. (The Daily What)

Listen Up, Justified Fans. Joelle Carter, who plays the shotgun-shooting, skillet-wielding Ava Crowder on the show, will be doing a live chat over at UPROXX at 2 PM EST today—bring questions. (Warming Glow)

A Change in Tune. Here’s Lance Armstrong denying his use of PEDs seven times in 75 seconds. (YouTube via BuzzFeed)