WATCH: Spanish Flash Mob Lightens Mood at Local Unemployment Office

It’s probably hard to smile when you’re down and out. That’s when a flash mob steps in.

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It’s hard to smile when you’re down and out. That’s when a flash mob steps in.

An unexpected performance by a group of musicians of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” brightened the day of a group of jobseekersin a Madrid unemployment office, reports The Telegraph.

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The flash mob, which was organized by Carne Cruda 2.0, a program on Spain’s Cadena SER radio network, has been more than 1 million times since it was uploaded on Jan. 8.

Spain is battling record levels of unemployment – an estimated 25% of the population is unemployed, with more than half of the country’s youth jobless at the end of 2012.


I agree that an update stating that Carne Cruda had record audience levels when it was aired in public radio RTVE, and that this program, alongside another record-breaking and multinational award-winning programs were shut down or professionals fired (search for Juan Ramon Lucas, or Asuntos Propios, or Ana Pastor and Fran Llorente in tv, and many others) when right wing party came into office because they didn't align with right wing ideas, would be more than appreciated.

SulParadise 1 Like

This programme, which had had audience records when it was on public radio network, was censored when Partido Popular (Right wing party, heir of the Franco dictatorship) won the last elections. That could also be mentioned.


@SulParadiseYou're wrong!! Partido Popular isn't heir of the Franco dictatorship. Please, check your information!!

Of course, I don't like this situation!!!

But I don't like confuse people!!!


@MariaMía @SulParadise Maria, they are the heirs of Franco) PP was founded by Manuel Fraga former minister in Franco's goverment, so I think we can call them "heirs"


I'm not a voter of PP but saying that they are the heirs of Franco is misleading. Is the PSOE (socialist party) heir of Karl Marx? Anyway, let's talk about flash mob and not about hate politics.

RobertBreisch 3 Like

As a fellow artist here in America-I applaud you and your efforts to bring a smile into the hearts and ears of those less fortunate in their dire times! We-The artists of the world-shall bring hope to all of humanity!

God bless you all where ever you may be as you read this!


out on a farm in Snohomish,WA,USA