Cute Break: Watch Labrador Puppies Invade A Turkish Soccer Match

A soccer match between Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aalen was interrupted by two dogs romping on the field.

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Did you see the new members of the Turkish soccer team? They are pretty cute, if you’re into floppy ears and wet noses. While most soccer matches take a break for injuries or orange slices, a game in Istanbul, Turkey recently had to pause the action for a cute break.

During a friendly match between Turkey’s Galatasaray and the German Bundesliga’s VfR Aalen, Yahoo! reports,¬†two Labrador puppies rushed the field and brought the game to a standstill. The dogs, like most dogs who see a ball, wanted in on the action. Unfortunately for the eager pups, as soon as they stepped on the field to join the fray, the whistle was blown. Game play stopped as the players rubbed the dogs’ ears and officials tried to herd the pair of puppies off the field, eventually picking them up and carrying them to the sidelines. It’s unclear how the dogs managed to make their way onto the soccer field, but the result was the most adorable soccer delay ever.

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