Glenn Beck’s Utopian Community: A Place Called Independence, U.S.A.

The conservative media personality announced his plan on his TV show

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Who says fantasies don’t come true? Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has already parlayed his rabble-rousing into libertarian website The Blaze, his own denim line and a march on Washington called the Rally to Restore Honor. Those projects didn’t cost $2 billion, nor did they require a total suspension of disbelief. Still, Beck is betting big on his new real estate venture: a self-sustaining city and theme park calledIndependence, USA, intended to offer visitors refuge from a country that is “going away from the values of freedom, responsibility and truth.”

Beck introduced his high-concept oasis during a Blaze TV program, complete with a blueprint and drawings. Independence would showcase live events, small businesses, educational projects, charity, entertainment, news and information, all built on free-market principles. Residency would not be required for participation.

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The conceit has obvious roots in utopian societies like Israeli kibbutzim and the Oneida Community, but Beck attributes much of his inspiration to Walt Disney. Beck co-opted Disney’s original plan for Disneyland — that it be a place for “happiness, courage and hope.” And it sure sounds quite a bit like the original plans for Disney’s EPCOT center: EPCOT was supposed to be a 20,000-resident controlled community of fully-employed innovators, “a showcase for American industry and research, schools, cultural and educational opportunities,” and nearby Celebration, Fla. is a hyper-planned Disney Company residential development.

Independence would imbue its values into its architecture (the front gate is modeled after the one on Ellis Island), its agriculture (plans include a working ranch where visitors can learn how to farm and work the land) and its economy (free-market and laissez-faire, naturally). For instance, a downtown “Marketplace” would be the centerpiece of commerce. “The Marketplace would be a place where craftsmen and artisans could open and run real small businesses and stores,” Beck explained during his presentation. “The owners and tradesmen could hold apprenticeships and teach young people the skills and entrepreneurial spirit that has been lost in today’s entitlement state.”

Beckster’s paradise would also be multi-denominational, with a mission center modeled after the Alamo and a Disney-inspired Development center where people could innovate, educate, and create.

Most important, for Beck at least, would be the Media Center, where his production company would film scripted and unscripted television that would challenge viewers without resorting to a loss of human decency, and where aspiring journalists would learn how to be great reporters, just like him.

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Ok, this guy is bat**it crazy!  

If you go, DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!! 

DancerWithHamsters 1 Like

First there will be some petty crimes like theft, so they will need to start a tax base to pay for law enforcement. Then some of the crops grown will poison somebody and they will have to enact laws to prevent it. Then some of the products and businesses will harm someone and they will have to enact protective laws. Then the wealthiest there will pay extra bribes not to be affected by any of  the laws and to have trash heaps and nosy polluting factories put near the less affluent residents. Then the schools won't properly educate the children for what they need and regulations will have to be made. Some of the companies will need cheap labor and only illegal aliens will do it for the below minimum wages offered. Then a Islamic mosque moves in and residents will make laws to keep it away....

And before you know it, Its just like the rest of America!


There's gotta be a buck in it for beck ... certifiable nutcase.  First to sign up?  Newt Gingrich, who will reside in Fantasyland, a lunar-like colony right out of Looney Tunes.  Get real, buttmunches.


This is like Jim & Tammy Fae, wonder if he will have an a/c dog house?

SusanBurke 2 Like

Anyone else picturing Jonestown?


@SusanBurke  I wish I had read your post before posting. I could have skipped a step. Yes, that's exactly what I was picturing. 

DonCarey 1 Like

I'm guess smoking, drinking and womanizing will not be permitted...count me out.

CristianoPala 2 Like

Maybe the next BioShock game could be set in this city....

icre8withwordz 2 Like

I find it ironic whenever he talks about "the loss of human decency."

rjsuttonjr 2 Like

Great reporters just like him? Now that's comical!


@rjsuttonjrBeck does not consider himself a "reporter" in any way, shape or form. That is the author's wording. A good "reporter" is a rare breed, most are useless puppets, and he has no use for those without the integrity one sees in Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper.