Partisan Smoothie Tax: Liberals Charged More at Utah Juice Bar

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The Washington Post / Getty Images

George Burnett is charging liberals one dollar more for their drinks.

A Utah health drinks shop owner has generated controversy by charging customers who identify themselves as “liberal” more for their purchases.

George Burnett is no stranger to publicity; the businessman previously made headlines with his “Honk If You (Heart) Drilling” publicity campaign. And the enterprising entrepreneur seems to be at it again with his new scheme to raise cash for conservative causes (such as the Heritage Foundation) by taxing his political opponents.

Customers who admit their liberal leanings are charged an extra dollar for their drinks when visiting Burnett’s shop. While the response to his pricing plan has been mixed, nobody is denying that Burnett makes one mean smoothie.

“I love this place. I will support this place with every fiber of my being,” said Corey Peterson, a personal trainer interviewed at the I Love Drilling Juice & Smoothie Bar in Vernal, Utah, by KSL News.

But it has not all been rave reviews, with Burnett’s Facebook page awash with both positive and negative comments. “Punishing a segment of the population for their opinion? How freedom loving of you,” posted Jason Harris, while Gilbert Montes said, “Can’t wait for this place to close and this ‘American’ to ask help from the government.”

Burnett, however, is unrepentant. “Thanks for all the comments,” he replied on Facebook. “I appreciate and respect your points of view. As for those who won’t be coming to my business – that’s ok I’ve learned [that] you can’t please everyone. One of the beautiful things of America is that we have freedom.

“Did I say I dislike or hate liberals, no. Did I say liberals were not welcome or I would not serve them, no. I am frustrated that our country is being bankrupted in so many ways by liberal policies. One of the things for me to do my part to help save our country is to charge liberals more and send that money to those are fighting the fight against liberal policies.”