Malia Obama Totally Photobombs Her Parents at Dad’s Inauguration

Inauguration ceremony? Sasha and Malia Obama have done it all before

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Unfazed by an audience of the American people and completely unimpressed by their dad’s job, Malia and Sasha Obama carried on being the coolest kids in the country at Monday’s Inauguration festivities.

They took selfies, texted and looked bored, just like regular kids. And when Sasha tried to take a phone pic of her parents sweetly kissing, Malia took the opportunity to photobomb the moment like a pro. Barack and Michelle had no idea what happened (probably until they saw this GIF) and Michelle and the girls crowded around Sasha’s phone to look at the pictures. Dad was kind of over it and scanned his Blackberry instead.

After laying low for Obama’s first term as President, Malia and Sasha stunned everyone with their maturity when they returned to the national stage during their dad’s re-election campaign. They grow up so fast!

Sasha, 11, moved into the White House as a second-grader and continues into her tween years in the spotlight. Following in her sister’s footsteps, she knows how to rock the ultimate pseudo-ugly Snapchat face.

At 14, Malia prepares to spend her high school years in the White House. She could learn to drive (likely with Secret Service in tow), and she’ll apply to college. What will dating be like for her? We can only speculate from repeated viewings of movies like Chasing Liberty, My Date with the President’s Daughter (featuring Boy Meets World’s Will Friedle) and any episode of The West Wing with Elisabeth Moss in it. Bring on the next four years!


The President has asked me to reassure you -- we are watching these people and making sure that they comply with all of our rules and standards -- otherwise it's back in the soup for these evil doers.

boballende 2 Like

What a wonderful All-American family! 

They let their kids act like kids.  They don't try to create an untruthful and dishonest illusion that they're some kind of fake WASP elite picture-perfect family.


this guy uses kids for any thing to get his mug shot in the news

YaelleIminnocentitellyouGlenn 1 Like

???? this is so far from being a photobomb that I am feeling quite nauseated.   How is could this possibly.. Ok you know what?  If youre going to call this a photobomb, then Ii'm going to call it a VCR.   As of right now, Malia is VCRing her parents a the Inauguration.     Just going by the logic of this whole article.   I called it.  

GaryD.Smith 1 Like

@YaelleIminnocentitellyouGlenn   Incorrect use of the term "photobomb" nauseates you?  Perhaps you oughta have your stomach looked at.  Or, y'know, drop the overdramatic hyperbole.

George286 1 Like

I think you need to look up photobomb Rebecca, there is nothing there that resembles one.

bibleverse1 1 Like

Its pretty funny. Kids will be kids no matter where they are or who they are.