Photos of Comedian Louis C.K. Posted on ‘Peeping Tom’ Flyers in California

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Dan MacMedan / USA Today / Getty Images

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series winner Louis C.K. poses in the photo room at the 2012 Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Residents of Huntington Beach, Calif., be warned: according to flyers being posted around a local mobile home park, a “peeping tom” has been riding around on a skateboard, peering into homes and leering at young girls. Oh, and according to the photos included on the flyers, this pervert is Louis C.K.

Local resident Jacqueline Rivas, who noticed the signs and posted photos of them on Twitter, is convinced they are a hoax created by some prankster. “This really upset me because, as a fan of Louis C.K., I knew he had no connection to accusations that were on that flyer, “Rivas told a local CBS affiliate. “And I don’t know who would go through the effort to put it up,” Rivas said. “If it was meant to be funny, I don’t think it’s funny.”

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Others, however, have speculated that the posters could be part of some kind of strange viral marketing campaign. After all, Louis C.K. probably has plenty of free time now that his Emmy-winning show, Louie, is on hiatus until 2014. Still, it just doesn’t seem likely that the uber-successful actor/writer/director would be spending his days lurking around a trailer park — or, for that matter, spending his days concocting obscure marketing ploys.

The Huntington Beach Police Department told CBS that they have no information about these flyers, and Louis C.K.’s publicist did not respond to requests by the broadcaster for a comment. And so the key question here remains: Why?

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