With Decline of Print Newspapers, San Francisco Puppy Pound Faces Cage-Liner Crisis

Who says print media is dead?

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Who says print media is dead?

While digital publishing has helped put old-fashioned newspapers into a tailspin, it’s also prompted a crisis at another venerable establishment—San Francisco’s animal control agency.

For years, the agency has been relying on the once abundant supply of old newspapers to line the cages of shelter puppies. But with many subscriptions now moving to digital, that vital supply of puppy paper has been decimated, reports CBS San Francisco.

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It’s no joke for for the puppies’ human custodians; supervisor Eric Zuercher calls the animals “poop machines,” according to the Associated Press. The agency has now turned to the city’s public library to ensure a consistent supply of discarded newspapers, which the San Francisco Chronicle reports it has arranged to pick up about twice a month. Previously, the agency had relied on donations from public and from the Chronicle itself.

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