Monkey Mob Ransacks Indonesian Village, 7 injured

A mob of wild monkeys reportedly ransacked the eastern Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu, earlier this week, entering random houses and injuring seven people.

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Rafael Marchante / REUTERS

On Monday evening, a mob of wild monkeys ransacked the eastern Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu, entering random houses and injuring seven people, leaving one in critical condition, reported the Jakarta Post.

According to the publication, the attackers, at least ten in number, emerged from the Toddang Lowa forest some four miles away. They piled onto a 16-year-old boy, who is now being hospitalized for bad bites, the Associated Press reported.

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Ambo Ella, a spokesman for Sidendeng Rappang District in South Sulawesi province, told AP that the reason of the attack is unclear.

Recent history has not been kind to Indonesia’s monkeys. Human development has encroached on their habitats and some species, especially the long-tail macaques, have been hunted by those woh believe eating their brains can cure impotence, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Monkeys are also captured and forced into bondage for human entertainment. The Daily Mail reported last May on a troupe of emaciated macaques found chained and forced to act like humans at an Indonesian animal park.  One trainer, called Cecep, told the publication that half of the monkeys die during training.

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