Reading While Eating for Feb. 6: Going Postal

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: the U.S. Postal Service axes Saturday delivery, but The Postal Service's reunion will include Saturday shows. You win some, you lose some.

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A Maine coon cat is examined by a judge during the Athens 21st International Cat Show January 27, 2013.

Saturday Deliveries Canceled: The U.S. Postal Service plans to cut letter delivery down to five days a week, axing Saturdays from their schedule. If the Netflix-delivering organization cancels weekend mail, how will we get our “My So-Called Life” DVDs in time for Saturday night marathons? All we want to do is drool over Jordan Catalano with a box of Valentine’s chocolates from Rite Aid. Don’t judge, Uncle Sam. (The Awl)

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night: Cutting one delivery day will save the cash-strapped postal service $2 billion. At least we can show our grandkids these old-timey photos of postal carriers when they ask what we did before Facebook Messenger. (

Don’t Give Up: In other postal news, electro-pop band The Postal Service announced actual headlining tour dates for this spring and summer, their first in a decade. At least they work on Saturdays. (SPIN)

Hotmail Homies: Ronald Reagan, who is 102 today, would have been totally bummed to see Saturday mail canceled – turns out, he exchanged hundreds of letters with an adorable pen pal. The cute, we can’t handle it. (mental_floss)

IDK My BFF Jill: Newly-confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry will be tweeting from @StateDept, and he’ll sign his tweets “JK.” Tweet we’re hoping for: “Meeting with UN today. -JK watching Ellen on my couch!” (The Daily What)

Who Runs the World? Monopoly has ousted the super lame iron game piece in favor of a feline, proving our theory that cat GIFs have taken over the world. (BuzzFeed)

Okay, It’s a Tie: You may have heard that Beyoncé is kind of having a moment, too. At least she’s using her power for feminist good: Her Superbowl halftime performance Sunday night only featured women onstage. (Flavorwire)

The Fake Bachelor is Even Better Than the Real One: I know, is that even possible? Instead of ogling Sean for the past five weeks, we should have been freaking out over Adam Brody and Michael Cera in the trailer for parody show Burning Love on repeat. It’s like The Bachelor, but with actual celebrities. (Crushable)