WATCH: Chinese Toddler Moons National TV Audience

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang gets upstaged by a half-clothed child during his tour of Inner Mongolia.

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Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang is scheduled to become China’s Premier in March, and the second most powerful person in the country behind President Xi Jinping – but in this video that’s going viral, he was upstaged by a toddler’s buttocks.

During a tour of the impoverished areas of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Li made an impromptu visit to the home of a local farmer. According to the website Beijing Cream, the visit was unexpected — so much so that the farmer’s son was still sleeping in the room, half-naked.

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According to Shanghaiist, the farmer told his son to hide in the cupboard while Li was visiting.  But when the cupboard got too stuffy, the boy jumped out and hid under the blankets. Chinese TV cameras caught everything, including the boy’s exposed bare bottom.

Li was given the No. 2 spot in China’s new Communist Party leadership during the 18th Party Congress, a once-in-a-decade transition that took place last fall.  He will take up his role as the chief steward of the world’s second-largest economy in just a few weeks.

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