WATCH: Marco Rubio’s Water Break During State of the Union Rebuttal

Marco Rubio takes a sip of water, and the Internet is there.

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TIME Magazine cover subject Marco Rubio delivered the GOP’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address last night. But while it was a big moment for the 41-year-old Florida Senator, and a chance for the Republican Party to counter Obama’s wide-ranging speech, the most memorable moment of Rubio’s night was when he nervously leaned over to grab a bottle of water and take a big gulp.

Twitter, predictably, exploded:

Several parody accounts sprang up almost instantly — for Rubio’s water bottle and for its maker, Poland Spring. The Senator was happy to join in the joke, posting a picture of his near-empty bottle of water after the speech on his Twitter account.

(PHOTOS: Marco Rubio, Republican Savior)

This isn’t the first time the thirsty Senator has had water issues during a speech. Taking the stage after that memorable Clint Eastwood performance at the Republican National Convention last August, Rubio — having taken a sip from a bottle on the podium — joked, “I think I just drank Clint Eastwood’s water.”

For those wanting a #gulpgate-free analysis of the official GOP rebuttal to the State of the Union speech, you can read TIME’s Michael Grunwald here.

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econmagic 1 Like

I think people should have paid more atention to what he was saying.  Personally, the most memorable part was his ideologically motivated claim that republican policies could get the US economy growing at 4%.  I'd like to know what planet he is living on?  It is certainly not ours, because on our planet, maximum potential global GDP growth has been in the 3.5% range, since 2006, which is the year when conventional crude production stagnated permanently it seems.  SInce then we have an average 1% yearly increase in global liquid fuels production, which gives us 2% potential growth.  In adition to that we have 1.5% potential increase in growth, courtesy of inovative efficiency solutions, for a total of 3.5% potential growth.  In such a global environment, a developed nation such as the US cannot achieve more than 2% average yearly growth, unless we introduce global mechanisms meant to change the dynamics of the global economy, which is most certainly not an item currently on the Republican agenda.


@econmagic Of course Obama and crew have never expressed any ideological hyperbole have they?

bacnoak 1 Like

I was wondering why the image jumped on my screen last night. Looks like Fox edited this out. Sad, sad, sad... I had no idea this happened and I watched the whole thing last night.