Reading While Eating for February 14: Valentine’s Day Edition

Your daily roundup of lunch links is feeling all warm and fuzzy today. Maybe we're just feeling the Valentine's Day spirit -- or maybe we have a crush on you.

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Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

Camels watch as an employee of Royev Ruchey Zoo feeds treats to male Shetland pony, Silver (L), and female, Zorka, dressed up as a groom and bride at the suburbs of Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, February 14, 2013. Employees of the zoo arranged a wedding between the ponies to mark Valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's Day: What is love, you ask? Before you get your Rickie Vasquez on and party like it’s 1994, you should know the science behind the romance. Researchers have linked early feelings of love to the increased presence of two molecules in your brain that control obsessive-compulsive disorder. So that’s why Liz Phair can’t breath whenever she thinks about you! (Mental Floss)

Sexytime on Demand: Kyle McCabe, a student at the College of New Jersey, started a condom delivery service to help his fellow classmates in times of, uh, need. McCabe takes 30 to 40 orders in the peak business hours of the wee morning, likely to the dismay of his own girlfriend. (Gawker)

Full Hearts: The New York Times may have the story behind #conniebrittonshair in its lengthy profile of Nashville star Connie Britton, but on a day devoted to the celebration of love, we’d rather read the story behind Britton’s other big role: Friday Night Lights‘ Tami Taylor, wife of Coach Eric Taylor and one half of the best on-screen married couple of all time. (Los Angeles Times)

Love Don’t Cost a Thing: J. Lo once sang those famous words, and TIME feels the same way. Share your tips for a low-budget Valentine’s Day with us by using the hashtag #ThrifyValentine. We’ll be watching! (TIME)

Fido 4ever: Americans spend more than $700 million on their pets for Valentine’s Day each year. Nice try, America — spend whatever you want, but your pet will never look as classy as Menswear Dog. (The Atlantic)

Menswear Swag: Just in time for the holiday, Justin Timberlake unveiled the video for his twinkly new single, “Suit & Tie.” Director David Fincher, who worked with Timberlake onĀ The Social Network, gave the clip the black and white treatment — appropriate for a song about a black-tie affair. Because it’s a David Fincher production (and because we binged on House of Cards last week), we were kinda hoping for a cameo from Robin Wright or one of the Mara sisters, but we’ll settle for shots of a Timberlake’s bromance with Jay-Z, who’s featured on the track. (AOL Music)

It’s Not Fair: You oughta know the inspiration behind Alanis Morissette’s vengeful-ex anthem “You Oughta Know,” which — for some reason unbeknownst to us — is featured on a list of 10 great love songs and the enduring myths behind them. Ponder its inclusion while you figure out whether the White Stripes’ “Suzy Lee” is really about drummer Meg White. (Flavorwire)

Animals: A box of chocolates? Nah. A candle-lit dinner at a romantic restaurant? I’ll pass, thanks. Just give me this bucket of sloths lounging about, and you’ve already won my heart. Somewhere, Veronica Mars Kristen Bell is having a meltdown while watching this. (BuzzFeed)

A Little Bit Closer: Near, far, wherever you are — emotional closeness in a relationship doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re as close as you want to be. But good luck telling your girlfriend you need some space and some alone time tonight. (TIME)

Caught in the Graph: Today is all about your significant others. But what about your insignificant others? You know, the secret lunch dates, the clandestine texts. We’re on to you. And if you’re not sure your behavior has crossed the line into cheating, this infographic will tell you. (The Daily

Putin the Moves On You: Quit Stalin and be my Vladentine, because this Tumblr of Vladimir Putin-themed Valentine’s Day memes is wooing us hard. (Vladentine’s Day)

Get Your Tissues Ready: No spoilers, but the love story of Bill and Glad will make you feel things you didn’t even know you could. The video is called “What Is Love?” and it’s so touching that we’ll forgive the actual lack of Haddaway’s hit contained within. (BuzzFeed)